Source Inventories, Aberdeen Scotland



We will undertake a concise and detailed inventory of a property prior to the start of a new lease; the report will list all elements of the property including any furnishings, providing details of their condition at the time of the report being taken.  A copy of the report is then provided to the agent/landlord and tenant. Tenants are given the chance to review the report and make any additional comment should they feel some detail has not been provided.  Such additional comments are taken into account by the inventor during the re-check.

Inspection Reports

We are able to undertake mid lease reports on behalf of agents and landlords. Such reports shall provide details on the condition of the property room by room and highlight any issues that the landlord will benefit being made aware of, or that may require attention from the landlord or tenant.

Re-check reports

Once a lease has ended Source will return to the property and taking into account the details provided in the original inventory produce a re-check report highlighting all the changes that have occurred during a lease. It is at this point of the process that the benefit of using an independent inventor is most obvious as the trained inventor will make informed decisions on what is regarded fair wear and tear, the amount of cleaning required to return the property to the condition in which it was first provided and significantly the levels of charges that may be require due to excessive wear or damage. The inventor shall make all decisions taking into account the length of a lease, the condition in which a property was provided and the quality of the fixture, fittings and furniture effected. 

The process ensures landlords receive appropriate compensation for excessive damage and that tenants are not subject to fictitious or disproportionate charges against their deposits. It also ensures properties are returned in the same level of cleanliness.

Tenant Accompanied Re-checks

Available to tenants vacating a property, the re-check shall be undertaken on the final day of the lease in exactly the same way as a standard re-check. The only change being the tenant is able to accompany the inventor around the property as the report is compiled.  The inventor only takes into account the information provided in the original inventory and no comments made during the inspection by the tenant can be taken into account.  The service ensures that tenants are aware of the cleaning and charges that will be listed in the re-check which in turn reduces disagreement between agents and the tenant’s works to increase the time in which the deposit is returned.  The inventor will collect and sign in keys from the tenant at the property and, having left the property with the tenant and secured it, return the keys to the agent.  Tenants are charged a fee equivalent to 5% of the monthly rental + VAT to be present at the re-check.

Repairing Standard Reports

With the new Repairing Standard Legislation that came into effect at the beginning of September 2007, landlords are now required to ensure that all elements of a property are fully operational and fit for purpose at the start of a new tenancy. The criteria for what must be checked are significant and as an additional service Source Inventories can undertake the check to the standards required by legislation.  This not only ensures that signed Repairing Standard letters can be provided with leases at the start of the lease, sure that all is in order, it also negates agents and landlords having to take the time to undertake the time-consuming checks.




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