Source Inventories, Aberdeen Scotland

Source Inventories provides independent, professional and comprehensive residential inventory services to leasing agents, solicitors, landlords and tenants dealing with the leasing of properties situated in and around Aberdeen and the North East.

Source Inventories provide the following services:-

When renting a property it is important to ensure that both the landlords and tenants interests are protected as effectively as possible.  By having an independent inventory undertaken, all parties involved in the leasing process can be sure that the condition of a property is accurately documented at the beginning of the lease and as a result any changes to the condition of the property can be accounted for precisely come the end of the lease. The document offers the best protection for Landlords property and Tenants deposits, providing an unbiased and detailed report that can be used as an accurate document of evidence in a court of law.

Source Inventories have taken to time to develop a report format that you can be sure provides a concise, straight forward and accurate inventory report. Our inventory clerks are accredited and fully trained to Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) standards, providing peace of mind that all re-checks and resultant reports provide fair and considered details of the changes that occur during the course of a lease.

Our charges are transparent and extremely competitive; as a result you are able to account for the cost without fear of hidden or additional costs.

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