Source Inventories, Aberdeen Scotland


Q.What is an inventory?

A. An inventory is a list of everything that is provided with a property being rented, it includes furniture, carpets, curtains, appliances and kitchenware.  It also states the condition that everything is in i.e. If anything was already damaged, marked or worn before the start of a lease.

Q. Who benefits from an independent inventory being conducted on a property?

A. An inventory being undertaken before the start of a lease is to the benefit of both the landlord and tenant as it proves the condition of the property at the start of the lease, it therefore protects the landlord's property while ensuring that the tenant's deposit can only have deductions made due to actual damage or cleaning required.  Should any issues arise a inventory is admissible in court as proof to resolve any such disputes.

Q. Do Source Inventories include photographs?

A. Despite the continual improvement to digital technology, photographs do not provide a clear enough image of the condition of a property, such photos are unable to pick up levels of cleanliness for example.  As a result we only use photographs on specific occasions.  Firstly to document the condition in which a garden is provided, this aids in highlighting the levels of growth and size of plants in a more easy and simplified manner.  Photos are also used to provide an understanding of the types and level of damage sustained during a lease. We understand that some agents cannot visit each and every property and may need to act on our assessment. As a result we feel providing photos of such damage, which are taken to illustrate relative location and significance of any damage are provided to agents/landlords to allow then to deal with the issue in a more informed manner.

Q. What is covered in a re-check?

A. All items detailed in an original inventory are taken into account at a re-check, any additional comments made by the tenants when checking the inventory at entry are also taken into account to ensure that the most unbiased report is collated and produced.  Obviously if tenants do not make any additional comments or fail to return a signed copy of the document, the re-check is undertaken with an original copy.

Q. What is considered fair wear and tear?

A. When calculating fair wear and tear an inventor takes into account a number of factors.  Most importantly the lease duration is calculated, allowable wear and tear shall be far more after a long lease as opposed to the minimal amount provided for when considering a 6 month short assured tenancy.  Other factors taken into account include the number of people allowed to stay at the property, animals that were kept and whether permission for this was granted, and the condition of the property at entry.

Q. How are costs attributed for damages and dilapidations?

A. Cleanliness is a major consideration on the undertaking of our inventories, as a result any cleaning that is attributed to the tenant shall be listed in order that a cleaning company can easily follow what they are required to undertake to return the property to the condition at entry.  Cleaners will charge for the time they require to complete all cleaning.  Damage is either charged in the form of depreciation, where a figure is charge which is deemed appropriate towards the rectifying of the issue, where an item or object no longer works the inventor may instruct that someone if asked to fix it and the cost attributed entirely towards the past tenant.



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